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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

1. Would this baby diaper bags fit a man with large shoulders?

Yes it's like a regular backpack.

2. What’s the weight of this baby diaper bags? Looking for something lightweight

It's very lightweight. I would estimate less than a pound. The straps are nice and padded which make it even comfier to carry. It's a great bag!

3. Can it fit larger bottles such as tommee Tippee?

It will fit in the insulated side pocket and the detached thermos sleeve. The three insulated bottle pockets located in the middle compartment will not fit larger and wider bottles.

4. Does this baby diaper bags stand up on it's own?

Yes it does!

5. Does it have a pocket on each side of the bag?

Yes, one side is for the wipes and the other side can be use to put an extra bottle in it or a water bottle.Baby Bag Backpack Designer

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